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Netflix’s animated fantasy series Disenchantment will return on September 20th

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Return to Dreamland

Image: Netflix

The second season of Matt Groening’s fantasy series Disenchantment will begin streaming on Netflix starting on September 20th, 2019. It’s the second half of the streaming service’s order, after season 1 premiered last August.

Netflix announced that the show’s second season would begin streaming in a tweet, which came with a timely nod to Game of Thrones.

Set in a fantasy world called Dreamland, the series follows a princess named Bean, her elf friend and companion Elfo, and a demon known as Luci. On its face, the series looked as though it could be the fantasy version of Groening’s Futurama, but the first batch of 10 episodes was a bit underwhelming, coming off as a series that’s too safe, especially compared to that of Netflix’s other animated offerings.

But while the first season underwhelmed, there’s certainly room for improvement. We’ll see when the second season premieres this fall.