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Carrot’s iOS weather app can now notify you about incoming rain and snow

Carrot’s iOS weather app can now notify you about incoming rain and snow


No Apple Watch required

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Image: Carrot

The Carrot Weather app has received a massive update today which introduces a host of new notification options for rain, snow, lightning strikes, storms, and even moon phases. Several of the new features are included as part of the app’s new “Tier 3” subscription, while the existing “Premium” and “Ultrapremium” subscription tiers have been renamed “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” respectively.

Weather app Dark Sky first popularized hyper-localized, granular weather notifications, and it became one of the most popular weather apps as a result. Carrot has long used Dark Sky’s data for its predictions, but until now you’ve needed to use an Apple Watch or a Mac to receive precipitation notifications. Now, though, Carrot is bringing the same level of notifications to its iOS app, no Apple Watch required.

Image: Carrot

Tier 3 will cost you $24.99 a year

Along with precipitation notifications, a Tier 3 subscription will also be needed for notifications about nearby lightning strikes, and when a storm cell is approaching (which tend to be responsible for heavy rain, wind, and thunderstorms). The former are only available in the US and Canada, while the latter are only available in the US.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 subscribers will also see some improvements. Tier 2 subscribers are gaining the ability to create custom notifications such as a reminder to take an umbrella when the chance of rain rises to a certain point. Tier 1 members, meanwhile, are getting new “Critical alerts” about major weather events like tornadoes, as well as events like sunrise, sunset, and moon phases.

Version 4.11 of the Carrot Weather app is available today on iOS. However, the app’s developer wasn’t able to confirm whether the update would be coming to Android, where the app was first released last year. The new Tier 3 subscription will cost $24.99 a year, which compares to $3.99 a year ($0.49 a month) for Tier 1 or $9.99 a year ($1.49 a month) for Tier 2.