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Michael Jordan’s Jumpman invades Fortnite

Michael Jordan’s Jumpman invades Fortnite


Because you can never have enough brands in your life

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A new Downtown Drop Limited-Time Mode is bringing Michael Jordan’s Jumpman brand to Fortnite. While it is about hang time, it’s not the basketball variety that Mr. Jordan is famous for. The theme here is skateboarding, and players get to roam around a “Brooklyn-inspired” downtown area, completing challenges to unlock extra goodies and beautification items for their hero. Some of it is free, but, as usual for Fortnite, those with greater disposable incomes will get more out of the new experience.

There used to be a time when video games were an escape from the overwhelming deluge of brands that assaults our real-world senses every day. Now, brands are popping up all over the gaming landscape — nowhere more so than Fortnite. Its list of collaborations and tie-ins includes the addition of NFL skins last November, quirky Avengers: Endgame styles in April, and the incomparable John Wick’s addition last week. The Limited-Time Modes that have accompanied these releases have put fun and warmly received tweaks to Fortnite’s game mechanics, offering some diversity from the basic “fight until only one person is left” battle royale scheme.