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Teenage Engineering’s first record label is a showcase for its delightful synths

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The first release is ‘You’re In Love with Your Hair’ by Buster

Image: Teenage Engineering

Swedish music hardware company Teenage Engineering has developed a cult following around their design-forward synthesizers. Now it’s expanded into another portion of the music industry and launched a record label. Naturally called Teenage Engineering Records, the company says the label only has two rules for releases: “it needs to be a good song,” and the song must use at least one Teenage Engineering instrument.

The label’s first release is “You’re In Love with Your Hair” by newcomer Swedish artist Emil Lennstrand, otherwise known as Buster. This appears to be his first release ever, and Teenage Engineering says he’s currently finishing up a bunch of songs that will be released in the near future. “You’re In Love with Your Hair” was partially made with the 400 — one of Teenage Engineering’s self-assembly modular synths — and immediately starts with a ringing, metallic sound that morphs and mutates as the song progresses.

Teenage Engineering’s 400 synth
Image: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering first debuted the 400 earlier this year. It’s an analog modular synthesizer with a “warm natural analog sound” that’s packed with three oscillators, a 16-step sequencer, filter, LFO, two envelopes, noise, random generator, two VCAs, a mixer, speaker box, and power pack. It comes as a flat pack kit, and requires Ikea-style assembly with folding aluminum panels.

There’s a wide array of instruments available from Teenage Engineering, from its popular Pocket Operator line to the retro-future OP-1 synthesizer, and its flat pack line that includes the 400 and also a monophonic analog synth called the 170. This record label is a smart way to showcase them, make the synths feel accessible, and put a shine on new talent in the process. Take a listen to “You’re In Love with Your Hair” below, or on Spotify.