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Vergecast: The T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Apple tweaks the Macbook keyboards, and Huawei vs. Trump

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A serious episode with sprinkles of fun

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The Vergecast roundtable rides again.

Of course the big news of the week has been revocation of Huawei’s Android license so The Vergecast brings back policy editor Russell Brandom to the show to decipher this ordeal as well as its larger implications.

Second half of the show, executive editor Dieter Bohn explains how Apple is tweaking its troubled keyboard design on its current and future Macbooks. Editor-in-chief and host Nilay Patel ends the show with updates on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger.

This episode is pretty heavy but Nilay lets the crew be fun for a bit — like Paul Miller’s weekly segment “JSON of emotion” — so listen to it all to stay informed.

Stories discussed this week: