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Some OnePlus 7 Pro phones are having strange phantom tap touchscreen problems

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OnePlus is aware of the issue and investigating a fix

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

By all accounts, the OnePlus 7 Pro is the nicest phone released by the company yet — with a higher price that reflects as much. But some early buyers are reporting that they’ve noticed phantom screen presses, where apps are responding as if something on the screen had been tapped even when the phone is sitting idle.

OnePlus is aware of the issue, according to Android Police, and says it’s treating it as a high priority after managing to successfully reproduce the problem. If you just bought this phone, you’re no doubt hoping that the phantom taps are something that can be eliminated through a software update and aren’t indicative of a deeper hardware dilemma. The OnePlus 7 Pro has a first-of-its-kind OLED screen with a refresh rate of up to 90Hz.

The Verge has been able to reproduce the ghost presses on one of our OnePlus 7 review units. Like some users on the OnePlus forums, it’s most easy to observe the issue with the app CPU-Z. But others have encountered it in Messages and other apps where phantom taps would prove very bothersome.

This doesn’t seem to be a universal problem that’s affecting all OnePlus 7 Pro phones, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation and provide any updates that OnePlus offers regarding a fix.