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Microsoft’s Pro IntelliMouse returns as a modern gaming mouse

Microsoft’s Pro IntelliMouse returns as a modern gaming mouse


Available later this month in the US

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Microsoft brought the classic IntelliMouse Explorer back in 2017, and now it’s going a step further today with a new Pro IntelliMouse edition. It has the same design as the classic IntelliMouse that became a status symbol, but it’s now geared towards gaming. Microsoft has upgraded the tracking sensor over the 2017 model, improved key actuation, and added a textured finish alongside a braided cable.

This should all mean that the buttons feel more responsive when you’re playing games with this Pro IntelliMouse, and Microsoft is even letting PC gamers customize the color of the taillight to match their keyboard or other accessories. Microsoft is offering black and white versions, too. The sensor itself supports up to 16,000 DPI and a 12,000 fps refresh rate, and you can use Microsoft’s Mouse and Keyboard software to setup macros, remap buttons, and quickly adjust DPI.

Microsoft’s Pro IntelliMouse edition first debuted in China late last year, and it’s now making its way to US stores. While the classic IntelliMouse is available for $39.99, this new Pro IntelliMouse will debut later this month priced at $59.99.