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Amazon sold someone a Moto Z4 before Motorola has even announced it

Amazon sold someone a Moto Z4 before Motorola has even announced it


Someone managed to buy a phone that doesn’t officially exist yet

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Image: JETFIRE007 (YouTube)

Amazon’s getting a little ahead of itself with Motorola’s upcoming Moto Z4. The phone maker hasn’t formally announced its latest Moto Mod-ready device, but, as noted by Droid Life, that didn’t stop Amazon from briefly listing the Z4 on its website and offering it for sale immediately. You know where this is going. Someone managed to order the Moto Z4, and it actually showed up in the mail, complete with a 360-degree camera Moto Mod that Motorola will apparently be tossing in for free alongside the phone.

According to Amazon’s listing, the Moto Z4 features a 6.4-inch OLED screen at a resolution of 2340 x 1080. Underneath it is an in-display fingerprint reader. Powering the Z4 is Snapdragon’s 675 processor, which is newer than the 670 chipset in the recently released Pixel 3A. The Z4 includes 128GB of built-in storage (expandable with microSD), 4GB of RAM, a 3,600mAh battery (with 15-watt fast charging), and a headphone jack. All other specs can be seen here.

The Amazon page has been pulled, but, unfortunately for Motorola, it remains accessible via cache. This listing is for the “Amazon-exclusive” model of the Z4, which comes preloaded with Alexa and several of the company’s apps. It’ll cost $499.99, and based on a screenshot someone took before Amazon removed the second listing, the standard, unlocked Z4 will cost the same.

The buyer has posted an unboxing video on YouTube with some hands-on impressions. He seems generally impressed by the device, its aluminum build, and its display, which features a half-circle notch cutout. By notch standards, this looks fairly unobtrusive and is definitely smaller than what’s been on many other phones this year, including some of Motorola’s own.

One potential annoyance is that the Z4 doesn’t have a perfectly flush fit with some of Motorola’s Moto Mods, which results in a gap between the phone and mod that’s easy to feel with your fingers. On the back, there’s a single rear camera. Motorola ditched the depth-sensor lens that was present on last year’s Moto Z3. It also seems like the device that Amazon shipped out might be running prerelease software. “I can report that the software is still very buggy,” the buyer wrote on Reddit today. “I’m getting lag and animation stuttering where I shouldn’t. Camera software is also very buggy with autofocus going haywire when taking photographs of close subjects.”

With Amazon being able to already ship units out, the Z4’s proper announcement and release are likely coming very soon. It’ll be squaring off against the Pixel 3A (which is almost certain to have a superior camera), Motorola’s own G7 series at the lower end, and devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro that are priced a couple of hundred dollars higher. But none of those other phones can run on 5G networks yet, whereas the Z4 will almost certainly support Motorola’s 5G Moto Mod.