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Peak gamer bling achieved with Swarovski-encrusted WASD keys

Peak gamer bling achieved with Swarovski-encrusted WASD keys

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I’ve seen a whole bunch of keyboards this week at Computex Taipei, but none quite so opulent as this exclusive offering from HyperX. As part of a collaboration with Swarovski, which it should be noted is far from a newcomer to the whole sticking-crystals-on-random-gadgets thing, the gaming accessory maker has designed a keyboard with bedazzled WASD and number keycaps.

I used the keyboard briefly and I don’t know if I’d say that the crystal glass felt particularly premium, but the jewel-encrusted keycaps did have a nice grip to them, if that’s what you’re into. If you wanted to experience an even greater rush of superiority after headshotting an opponent in Overwatch, I suppose this might do the job.

HyperX also made a matching headset, as well as one for the PS4:

And there’s also a mouse to go with the keyboard, though I’m not convinced the crystals are located in the most comfortable spot.

HyperX told me they made this gear for this year’s Taipei Game Show and don’t currently have plans to put it on regular sale, but they’d consider it if there turns out to be a lot of interest. I’m not sure there will be, but with the money pouring into esports these days, who knows? Maybe this could be someone’s aesthetic.