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This is Ecobee’s new glass-covered smart thermostat

This is Ecobee’s new glass-covered smart thermostat


Lowe’s just leaked it in all its glory

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Ecobee can’t seem to keep its smart home secrets to itself, seeing how its upcoming indoor video camera, intriguing contact sensor and new premium thermostat have been detailed early by Dave Zatz of ZatzNotFunny over the past couple months. But now, hardware retailer Lowe’s has apparently asked Zatz to hold its beer — by publishing a complete product page for the new glass-covered Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control onto the web.

The page, spotted by one of Zatz’ tipsters, leaves very little to the imagination, detailing practically every new feature to expect.

In addition to the previously revealed glass-covered touchscreen (instead of plastic) and bundled “SmartSensor” with magnetic base, the new unit now supports 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, several advanced Amazon Alexa calling features to compliment its built-in voice assistant, and the ability to act as a speaker for your Spotify music. (We’ll have to see if it’s any better than the Ecobee4 as a music speaker, though.)

Interestingly, it looks like Ecobee may be ditching its numbering scheme, as this is simply an “Ecobee SmartThermostat” rather than an Ecobee5 or Ecobee4+. If so, that’s similar to Nest, which is currently on the third generation of its Nest Learning Thermostat. And if the pricing on the Lowe’s Canada website is right, it’ll be priced similarly to Nest too: CAD$329. That’s probably intentional now that Ecobee’s device has a more premium build, though you can find both the current Ecobee4 and the third-gen Nest for a good bit less in the US these days since they’re both been on sale for years now.

We’ll let you know what the new Ecobee will cost in the US, and when it’ll be available, when it’s officially announced.