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Microsoft’s first European store opens on July 11th in the heart of London

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Microsoft is opening its first European store in the UK on July 11th. The software giant will launch this new store at Oxford Circus in London, at the junction of Regent Street and Oxford Street which both house many of the world’s most popular retail stores. Microsoft’s flagship London store will cover 21,932 square feet over three floors, and it will be just a few doors away from Apple’s Regent Street store.

Microsoft is planning to include immersive video walls, a community theater, workshops, training areas, and even an “Answer Desk” for tech support. The site will also include Microsoft’s range of Surface hardware, Xbox consoles, and devices from other PC makers. Visitors will also be able to try devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens, alongside the company’s other Mixed Reality (VR) headsets that are available.

While the new London store is the first of its kind in Europe, Microsoft has also opened a flagship store in Sydney previously, alongside its flagship store in New York City.