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WWDC 2019: the latest news from Apple’s big developer conference

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WWDC 2019, Apple’s big developer conference, starts on Monday, June 3rd. It will kick off with a keynote full of announcements. We’re likely to hear Apple divulge details about iOS 13, the next versions of macOS, and perhaps the rumored “Marzipan” initiative that could bring iPad apps to its computers. We expect Apple to share what’s new in watchOS and tvOS. Who knows? It’s possible that it may have a few surprise hardware announcements, too.

Once the keynote concludes, the rest of WWDC is focused mainly on Apple working with the developers who build apps for its numerous operating systems, including macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

We’ll be on the ground at the event, so stay tuned for the latest news, announcements, and first looks of everything that Apple unveils onstage.