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Avengers: Endgame has earned more than $2 billion worldwide

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Second behind James Cameron’s Avatar

Photo: Film Frame / Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame has crossed another huge box office milestone: it’s become the fastest film ever to earn more than $2 billion at the worldwide box office, and has become the second-biggest film release ever, according to Deadline.

The film earned a jaw-dropping $1.2 billion on its opening weekend across the world, and has broken a ton of records since its release: it became the highest-grossing Thursday release ever, the biggest opening weekend ever (in the US and globally), biggest opening in China and India, the largest second weekend box office ever, the fastest to earn more than $1 billion, now the fastest to earn $2 billion, and it’s surpassed the box office totals of Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Titanic. Given that the film has only been out for a week, it seems likely that it’ll climb up a couple of more spaces, and maybe surpass Avatar’s $2.7 billion total gross.

That success, of course, is the product of Marvel’s 11-year, 22-film franchise, which began back in 2008 with Iron Man, and has steadily built out its characters and story since. Marvel’s not done with the franchise yet: its fourth Phase will kick off after Spider-man: Far From Home hits theaters this summer, with at least 20 films in development for the next decade.