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A time-lapse camera mode is coming to all Google Pixel phones

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Another new mode is nothing but a good thing

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A time-lapse camera mode is coming soon to all Pixel phones, Google announced today at its I/O developer conference. In case you’ve never recorded a time lapse, each is a series of stills stitched into a clip that appears to play in fast motion. They’re a fun way to bottle up a scene when neither a single photo nor a video can do it justice. The feature is available now on the Google Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 via an update for the camera app. It will also be available on the new Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL.

To find the new time lapse option, open the camera app, then swipe over to “More.” You’ll find it in this grid of features, among others like Night Sight, Lens, and Slow Motion.

Your mileage with time lapse may vary, but it’s a welcome addition to the Pixel camera software, which has a smaller list of features compared to the iPhone and some rival Android manufacturers. If you’ve been using a third-party app to make time-lapse recordings, it might be easier moving forward to use Google’s default camera app, especially since time-lapses will be natively supported in Google Photos.

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