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EA’s unlimited game subscription service is finally coming to the PS4 this July

EA’s unlimited game subscription service is finally coming to the PS4 this July


Five years later, PS4 players can finally get EA Access

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EA Access — Electronic Arts’ unlimited game subscription service that lets players access a massive library of EA games — is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 this July, almost five years after it launched on the Xbox One.

Like the current Xbox offering, EA Access for the PS4 costs either $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. In addition to unlimited access to EA’s vault of games, Access also comes with other perks, including a 10 percent discount on full-priced EA game purchases as well as early trials of upcoming EA games.

EA Access for PS4 will be a separate account from EA Access for Xbox One. So if you’re already paying for Access on your Xbox, you will have to pay a second monthly fee to play those games on your PS4.

When EA Access launched in 2014, Sony famously passed on offering the service to its players, commenting at the time to Game Informer that EA Access didn’t offer a “good value to the PlayStation gamer.” It’s not entirely clear what changed Sony’s mind five years later, but with the growing popularity of subscription services like Access and Microsoft’s own Xbox Game Pass offering, it’s possible Sony was eager for a piece of the action instead of leaving it all to Microsoft.

EA has yet to announce which games will be available for EA Access on the PlayStation 4. The list for the Xbox One includes numerous older games from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox that are only playable on Microsoft’s console due to the extensive backwards compatibility support on the Xbox One, so it seems likely that Sony players will have a more limited list of games to choose from.