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Dead Cells is bringing its brutal action to iPhone this summer

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An Android version is also in the works

One of the best action games in recent memory is making its way to mobile. Today French studio Motion Twin announced that its hit Castlevania-style roguelike Dead Cells is on its way to iOS this summer, with an Android version also in the works. It’s being billed as a premium title; it’ll cost $8.99 and will feature no ads or in-app purchases.

Of course, anyone who has played Dead Cells is probably wondering how exactly its brutally hard combat will translate to a touchscreen. And while the mobile version will include controller support, the developer says it has also been “carefully redesigned” with touch controls in mind.

That includes a revamped interface, as well as a number of control and play options, such as the ability to fully tweak the on-screen control layout. “We knew there wasn’t a perfect solution for everyone, so we decided very early to let players decide for themselves,” wrote Laura Saada, lead producer at Playdigious, the studio handling the port. You can get an in-depth look at the process over at Gamasutra.