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Google Lens will start recommending what you should eat at restaurants

Google Lens will start recommending what you should eat at restaurants


It can also read out signs for you

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Today at Google I/O 2019, Google has announced several new additions to Google Lens, its image recognition software that’s available as an app and is built into the cameras of Google Pixel devices.

The biggest new addition is better support for Lens in restaurants. You can point your phone’s camera at a menu, and Lens will automatically highlight popular dishes at the restaurant, and selecting individual dishes will show you photos and reviews from Google Maps. Then, when it comes time to pay, you can point your camera at the bill and Google Lens will bring up a menu to help you calculate a tip and split the bill.

If you’re more interested in cooking food at home than eating out, then Google Lens can also help you with recipes in Bon Appétit magazine, where it will be able to add instructional videos to help you understand how to cook a dish.

Google Lens is also now capable of reading out text in addition to capturing it and translating it. A short video showed how this functionality could be used to help people who can’t read understand signs and computer interfaces. The feature is coming first to Google Go, the operating system meant for low-powered devices, where it will take up just over 100kb of space.

Google says the new Lens functionality should start rolling out later this month.