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Game of Thrones fan video imagines a beautiful Arya and the Hound buddy comedy

Game of Thrones fan video imagines a beautiful Arya and the Hound buddy comedy


Plus a couple of other suggestions for HBO executives

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Game of Thrones is almost over, and while executives at HBO are rushing to work up a spinoff that will ensure HBO Now subscriptions remain mandatory, there’s one obvious take: a buddy adventure story starring Arya Stark and the Hound.

A new fan trailer from Lance Krall, published on Vimeo, sets up an idea of what a series called Arya and The Hound could look like. The style of Krall’s video is similar to what other fan-trailer editors have done over the years with The Avengers cast or going back to the original Shining comedy recut, and this one works just as well. Set to the tune of Jim Croce’s “I Got A Name,” the fake opening credits focus on the duo’s strange, quirky, but totally adorable friendship. There’s Arya learning to kill someone, the Hound teaching Arya how to kill someone, and Arya smiling after killing someone with the Hound! True friendship comes with protecting each other’s secrets and backs during intense sword fights.

If we’re being honest, the last eight Game of Thrones seasons have been beautiful, but also dark, bleak, and often hopeless. A show like Arya and the Hound is the exact type of palette-cleanser this world needs, especially after the upcoming final two episodes, which are sure to devastate fans. But why stop there? Here are a couple of other spinoff ideas that HBO executives should consider:

  • Sam and Gilly Plus Eight — a reality show based on Sam and Gilly’s life with their numerous children surviving winter in the North.
  • Late Night with Bran Stark — a late-night variety show hosted by Bran Stark, but in lieu of traditional sketches and fun interviews, Bran will simply tell guests what’s going to happen to them down the road, and explain in a monotone how he doesn’t experience desire anymore.
  • Bachelor in the North — it’s about time Bronn found the love of his life. Highgarden is a big, empty place that could be full of prospective, competitive brides!
  • Kingslayer and the Imp — a Desus and Mero type comedy series hosted by the Lannister brothers.
  • GhostCam — a GoPro is attached to Ghost’s collar and we get to experience everything he sees on his adventures, 24/7, including not being petted goodbye by his former partner Jon Snow, who’s kind of a loser anyway.

Unfortunately, none of these are likely to be made, since the other Game of Thrones spinoff shows have such a huge head start. But who knows? Maybe HBO still needs more material. Hopefully, someone at HBO will see Krall’s trailer and give his idea a chance.