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Android TV’s redesigned Play Store is all about simple signups

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It’s coming later this year

Image: Google

Google has shown off a redesigned Play Store for Android TV at I/O 2019 that makes it much easier to download apps and sign up for new subscription services. Variety reports that the new interface will let publishers combine the installation of a new app with the signup and login processes, and 9to5Google adds that the new interface will support using PINs to log in, so you don’t have to type your full password as often using your TV remote.

As well as showing off the new features and interface, the demonstration also received a cameo from an Amazon Prime Video app, which will finally see a widespread release on Android TV after Google and Amazon recently settled their long-running feud.

Image: Google
Image: Google

The new Play Store will be released separately from the next full version of Android TV. Speaking to Variety, Android TV head Shalini Govil-Pai said that the smartphone and TV versions of the operating system “don’t necessarily need to be on the same timeline.” That’s probably a good thing, though, given the slow speed at which Android TV updates get released. Android Pie for Android TV was announced a full year ago, but only started shipping out to developers at the beginning of this year, and the majority of Android TVs are still running Android Oreo.

Google’s redesigned interface for the Android TV Play Store will launch later this year.