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Moleskine’s latest smart notebook connects with your Dropbox account

Moleskine’s latest smart notebook connects with your Dropbox account


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Moleskine’s latest collaboration is with Dropbox, for a smart notebook that uses a companion camera app to send journal pages to your connected Dropbox account. Just use the Moleskine Page Camera app (for iOS and Android) to take a photo of a page in the Moleskine+ Dropbox Smart Notebook, and the pages will show up as an image, vector, or text file in your Dropbox account.

The Dropbox Smart Notebook is a riff on Moleskine’s existing smart notebooks, which do the same thing, but with Creative Cloud or Evernote. The smart notebook pages are lined with small dots to help with text recognition, and there are squares on the corners to help the camera line up journal content. It doesn’t add much beyond what you’d get by taking a photo of a regular journal with your phone camera, but it saves you an extra step. If you’re the type of person to meticulously back up your journal pages, it might be nice to have as a quick shortcut.

The Moleskine+ Dropbox Smart Notebook is available today online for $29.95 in plain and ruled versions.