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New trailers: Pixar’s Onward, The Goldfinch, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and more

New trailers: Pixar’s Onward, The Goldfinch, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and more

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Photo: Warner Bros.

I spent the last few months watching through Parks and Rec for the first time. It’s a stunningly good show, with brilliant world building and immensely likable characters. And while it might be firmly of another political era already, it’s one I think we’d all prefer to be in.

There’s a lot I love about the show, but one thing that more recently struck me is how much its ending is like Lost. We see these characters moving on into another life, getting the chance to meet again afterward, and struggling with their ability to move beyond the setting of the show.

Part of me wonders if this ending — which I will argue is perfect, in both cases — is so fitting because of the nature of TV shows. These characters are necessarily trapped here in order to keep the shows going. They can’t move on, and we don’t want them to, so it mirrors the viewer’s struggle with a conclusion as well. Parks, at least, brings Leslie to that point in a very thoughtful (and somewhat tragic) way through the events of her political career. Lost, well, the island is magic. It’s fine.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


I was a little skeptical of Pixar using such familiar fantasy creatures instead of building out a unique new world of its own, but after watching this teaser, it looks like the studio has still managed to do exactly that with a very fun real world / fantasy world mashup. It’ll likely be a little while before we see any more footage: the film comes out next March.

The Goldfinch

This looks like such a book adaptation. It’s kind of boring, there are big dramatic gestures, and all the locations are kind of bewildering, like a neighborhood built in the middle of nowhere. The book was incredibly popular, though, so I think this trailer just isn’t selling it very well. The film comes out September 13th.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Netflix’s prequel to the classic Jim Henson film is almost here. It doesn’t look quite as unpleasantly freaky as the original, but it’s definitely close, and as best I can tell... that’s what people want out of this series? I’ve never really understood. It debuts August 30th.

The Kitchen

Andrea Berloff, who co-wrote Straight Outta Compton, makes her directorial debut with The Kitchen, a crime film starring Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss as three women trying to take on a local mob. Obviously, with McCarthy and Haddish on board, it ought to be pretty funny, too. The film comes out August 9th.

Rambo: Last Blood

How many trailer production companies were racing to use “Old Town Road” and now have to change their plans because they were beaten to it by, of all franchises, Rambo? The worst part is: it almost seems appropriate for this trailer. The film comes out September 20th.

Jessica Jones

Netflix put out a brief teaser for the final season of Jessica Jones this week. There’s not much in here, but it’s at least some hope that Netflix’s last remaining Marvel series will end on a high note. The season comes out June 14th.

When They See Us

Ava DuVernay’s series about the Central Park Five debuted Friday, and Netflix put out one final trailer to show that the series continues on past these men’s wrongful convictions being overturned to explore how difficult life is after prison. The four-part series is available to stream now.

The Bravest Knight

Hulu has a very cute kids series coming up that continues the adventures of a popular children’s book about a knight-in-training. The book has been commended for its strong portrayal of LGBTQ relationships, with the main character of the original book, a farmer named Cedric, now grown up, married to a prince, and raising an adopted daughter, who evidently wants to follow in his footsteps as a knight. The show premieres June 21st.


I haven’t seen the first season of Dark, but a lot of people who did were very excited when this trailer hit. This season looks every bit as moody and mysterious as the original, and it’s a good reminder that the show is probably worth catching up on for fans of Stranger Things. The new episodes arrive June 21st.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged

I think the fact that this movie is being released by a company with the impossibly generic name Entertainment Studios says everything about what to expect here. This is a sequel to a movie about being trapped underwater and facing off against a shark. I love it. It comes out August 16th.

In Fabric

It’s a movie about an evil dress. I don’t know what to tell you.