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The 9 biggest announcements from Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference

The 9 biggest announcements from Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference

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Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft’s E3 keynote had it all: dogs, roller derby, and a mockumentary about game development. While there were plenty of expected and familiar faces, like Watch Dogs Legion and a tense-looking new Rainbow Six, the publisher also detailed a new TV show from the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a Netflix movie, and even a PC subscription service. If you missed the event live, here are all the biggest announcements.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is getting a story creator and educational mode

Last year’s Greek epic Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is getting some very cool new features. The most surprising is a “story creator,” which essentially lets you design your own quests using a web-based tool. Even better? It’s out today for free in open beta. Meanwhile, later this fall the game will be getting a “discovery” mode, which looks identical to the excellent educational mode from Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Watch Dogs Legion is out next year

We knew it was coming, but Ubisoft finally revealed the third Watch Dogs game, which shifts the setting to a near-future, post-Brexit London. The big twist, though, is that you can assume control over virtually any character in the game, letting you build up a diverse squad of vigilante hackers. Watch Dogs Legion launches next March — and you can check out our hands-on impressions right here.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Jon Bernthal is in the new Ghost Recon

We already knew Ghost Recon Breakpoint was in the works, but Ubisoft revealed a nice surprise at E3: Walking Dead and Punisher star Jon Bernthal will play a prominent role in the game. He even appeared onstage with a very good dog. Breakpoint will be launching on October 4th.

The creator of It’s Always Sunny is making a mockumentary about game development

Perhaps the most unexpected announcement of the E3 keynote was that Rob McElhenney, creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is making a comedy series about game development. It’s called Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, and it’s coming to Apple TV, though it’s not clear exactly how Ubisoft is involved.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is the next game in the series

Ubisoft also teased the next Rainbow Six game, a co-op experience slated for release next year. It’s called Quarantine, and is described as “a squad-based survival FPS” that’s being created by a brand-new team at Ubisoft’s Montreal studio.

Ubisoft is launching its own PC subscription service

Yet another PC game subscription is in the works. At E3, Ubisoft unveiled UPlay Plus, which will cost $14.99 a month and will get users access to more than 100 Ubisoft titles, including DLC. It’s launching on September 3rd.

The Division movie is headed to Netflix

We haven’t heard much about the Jake Gyllenhaal-led film adaptation of The Division for some time. But today Ubisoft provided an interesting update: the film is coming to Netflix. Still no release date, though.

A multiplayer roller derby game is coming

It wouldn’t be a Ubisoft keynote without an unexpected new game, and this year the honor falls on Roller Champions. It’s a competitive multiplayer roller derby game with a futuristic vibe, and it’ll be free to play when it launches.

Gods & Monsters looks gorgeous

The team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is working on something very different. While that game explored Greek history, their next project is a smaller game called Gods & Monsters, which delves into Greek mythology. It looks stunning, and it’ll be out on February 25th, 2020.