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Roller Champions is a Ubisoft roller derby game with a preview available today

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Ubisoft is announcing a roller derby game called Roller Champions, and a PC-only pre-alpha preview is available today. Roller Champions is described as a team-based, player-versus-player sports game where players work their way up from street derby leagues to championships. It’s playable until June 14th, and when it officially launches in early 2020, it will apparently run on a free-to-play model.

Roller Champions leaked shortly before E3 began, and here, it looks more or less like what we expected: a colorful game with a cartoonish style evocative of Fortnite, full of cool-looking stunts and custom outfits. The pre-alpha will feature two arenas and six playable characters, which will be grouped in teams of three.

Here’s the official description from Ubisoft’s site:

Advance through the ranks as you rise from street to stadium, winning matches and gaining fans on your way to Roller Champion fame. Feel the thrill of rushing down the track, weaving between opponents, and slamming goals in this electrifying derby-inspired game. The arena awaits you!