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Microsoft ends Xbox backward compatibility, but Project Scarlett will run Xbox One games

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No more Xbox 360 and Xbox additions to the catalog

Microsoft is winding down new additions to its Xbox backward compatibility catalog. After adding more than 600 Xbox and Xbox 360 games to the list, the team is now focusing on Microsoft’s next-generation Project Scarlett console.

“We have now shifted our focus to help make the games you love playing on Xbox One compatible with future Xbox hardware,” says Jason Ronald, partner director of the Xbox platform. “After this week, we have no plans to add additional Original Xbox or Xbox 360 titles to the catalog on Xbox One.”

Microsoft is now committing to get every Xbox One game running on Scarlett, alongside games from all four generations of Xbox. While the catalog of old games might be finishing, Microsoft is adding a lot of games as it looks to move toward Scarlett compatibility. Old Xbox classics coming to backward compatibility include:

Xbox 360 additions:

There are even new Xbox One X Enhanced updates: