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Watch the first full trailer for Veronica Mars season 4

Watch the first full trailer for Veronica Mars season 4


A return to Neptune

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Hulu has released a full trailer for its upcoming revival of the cult-classic mystery series, Veronica Mars, picking up the lives of the characters since we last saw them in the 2014 movie. In it, we see that the show’s heroine Veronica is back home in Neptune, California, dealing with a new threat to the city.

This new season picks up nearly a decade after the show’s original three seasons. Veronica is back home and as cynical and witty as ever, and this new trailer shows off a bit of what to expect: Veronica returned home after being away for years, and is working as a private detective alongside her father. After a series of bombings devastate the town during spring break, they’re pulled in by one of the victim’s families to find out who is responsible. They narrow in on a man named Clyde (played by J.K. Simmons), who seems to have something to do with the attacks and who seems to be connected to the city’s wealthy residents, who aren’t thrilled with their town’s status as a spring break destination.

Hulu greenlit the new series last year, announcing that an eight-episode fourth season would come this summer, along with providing the three preceding seasons and film for viewers to stream. The first three seasons will be available on Hulu July 1st, and will be followed by the entirety of Season 4 on July 26th.