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Don’t buy these $100 Minecraft: Story Mode episodes on your Xbox 360

Don’t buy these $100 Minecraft: Story Mode episodes on your Xbox 360


Seriously, don’t buy them

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Minecraft Story Mode

As part of the shutdown of Telltale Games, support for Minecraft: Story Mode is set to end on June 25th. But due to some weirdness with how the Xbox Live store works on the Xbox 360 specifically, the company had to re-add the episodes to the store for a whopping $99.99 each, in order to allow players who already own the game to re-download their content before it’s removed for good, via Polygon.

Obviously, that price is way beyond the $4.99 price each episode originally ran for, but $100 per episode here. As the Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook account explains, “The price shown is a real list price, please do not buy the content, if you do, you will be charged the amount shown. This is simply the only mechanism available to facilitate players being able to download their remaining episodes prior to servers shutting down.”

Somehow, this was the best solution

Other platforms aren’t effected by whatever issue on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 storefront is necessitating this bizarre solution, one made all the weirder by the fact that Microsoft owns and runs both Minecraft and Xbox. Apparently, despite having near total control over the systems at play here, this was the best solution that it could come up with.

Once June 25th arrives, the $100 listings will once again be removed, preventing players that already own the game from re-downloading it again, meaning that if you’d like to play Minecraft: Story Mode again on your Xbox 360, you might want to get on that soon.

Or, theoretically, if you don’t already own Minecraft: Story Mode but really, really want to play it, you could buy all 13 episodes now for the low price of $1,299.87.