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Wacom releases rechargeable Bamboo Ink Plus for Windows 10 tablets

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No more looking for AAAA batteries


Wacom is releasing a new stylus for pen-enabled Windows 10 PCs that adds tilt support and a rechargeable battery. The new stylus, the Bamboo Ink Plus, supports both the Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) and the Wacom Active ElectroStatic (AES) protocol, meaning the stylus is compatible with devices from the MPP-supported Microsoft Surface laptops to the AES-supported Lenovo Thinkpad series of tablets. Users can switch to different protocols easily by holding both side buttons.

Unlike the previous Bamboo Ink, which required hard-to-find AAAA batteries, the Ink Plus is rechargeable via USB. Like the previous model, the Plus also has three different fine nibs (soft, medium, and firm), and has a triangular barrel which some artists find more ergonomic.

The Bamboo Ink Plus retails for $99.95, and is available now at Best Buy, Microsoft stores, and