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Microsoft To-Do takes another step towards replacing Wunderlist with Mac release

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Available now in the Mac App Store

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft To-Do is now available for Mac. The to-do list app is free on the Mac App Store, and its release means that Mac users will no longer have to rely on the service’s web app to keep track of their daily tasks. It includes all the major features you’d expect, including the ability to sync tasks between devices, attach files, share your lists with friends and colleagues, and set recurring due dates and reminders.

Now that Microsoft To-Do is available on all major platforms (namely Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android) it’s one step closer to replacing Wunderlist, the to-do list app that Microsoft acquired back in 2015. When Microsoft first released To-Do in 2017 it said that its plan was to eventually have it replace Wunderlist, once all the legacy app’s best features had been integrated into its successor. However, the project was soon complicated by a number of technical challenges, not least the fact that the app had to essentially be rewritten to port it from Amazon Web Services to Azure. As of June 2019 Wunderlist is still available for all major platforms, and appears to still be receiving semi-regular updates.