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Marvel is adapting a number of its iconic comic books into audiobooks

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Coming in September

Marvel Entertainment has partnered with audiobook and digital content producer Dreamscape Media to adapt a number of Marvel’s comic stories as “read-to-me style audiobooks,” reports Variety. The titles will be available starting in September.

Variety says that Dreamscape will adapt “around two dozen” iconic stories, includingsuch titles as The Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ultimate X-Men, X-Men: Codename Wolverine, and Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. The audiobooks will be available through a variety of outlets, including Amazon, Audible, Apple Books, Google Play, Overdrive, “and other audiobook platforms.” They’ll also be available for free to library users by way of an app called Hoopla.

Marvel has been increasingly dipping its toe into the waters of audio adaptations in recent years. Last year, it released an original, 10-episode podcast series called Wolverine: The Long Night, and followed up with a second season called Wolverine: The Lost Trail earlier this spring. It also partnered with serialized fiction publisher Serial Box to produce a handful of stories featuring Marvel characters, each installment of which comes with a print and audio version.