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Final Stranger Things 3 trailer makes it feel more like an action movie

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The final few moments could have been a scene in any Jurassic Park movie

On July 4th, Netflix’s Stranger Things will make a return for its third season, and the final trailer for that eight-episode adventure has just been released. In classic Hollywood hype fashion, the trailer ups the stakes and makes everything feel even more apocalyptic than usual. It extends the show’s evolution in tone: from a relatively slow-burning and subtle mystery, to the more frenetic second season, and now a third season that feels more like an action movie.

Starting off in the familiar “use your imagination” style of fear inducement that we know Stranger Things for, by the end, the trailer is filled with action sequences, bloodied heroes, and roaring monsters forcing the kids to cower behind smashed-up cars. It’s Jurassic Park meets Ghostbusers, which, when you think about it, can still very much work, but it’s definitely not the same old Stranger Things.