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Nerf just made an Overwatch blaster for Soldier 76 that actually looks good

Nerf just made an Overwatch blaster for Soldier 76 that actually looks good


The first Overwatch-licensed Nerf gun that appears battle-ready

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Just in time for Pride week, Nerf is bringing us what looks like its best Overwatch-inspired blaster yet: a fully automatic, Nerf Rival ball-blasting, 30-round version of Soldier 76’s pulse rifle from the game, complete with lighting, “recoil action,” and a full mask with visor so you can look the part, too.

It’s a GameStop exclusive that’ll cost $130 when it ships this November, so it’s not exactly cheap, and you’ll need six D-cell batteries to power it. But it’s notable for being the first Overwatch blaster that looks even remotely battle-ready.

When we heard Hasbro was working with Blizzard Entertainment to bring our favorite Overwatch characters’ guns into the real world as foam-slinging blasters, we were tentatively excited — only to find they were glorified props. Clearly, Hasbro took D.Va’s cries of “Nerf this!” literally, seeing how her amazing in-game pistol turned into a basic pull-back Nerf gun that can only fire three times before you have to reload. (Don’t get me started on McCree’s one-shot “revolver.”)


But Soldier 76’s blaster has an internal 30-round hopper you can easily fill as you’re running around, scavenging balls off the ground, and it fires those rounds fully automatically at 90 feet per second, after you rev up the motors. Sadly, Hasbro tells The Verge it’s not compatible with the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack, so you’ll need those heavy D-cells if you don’t want to wire a LiPo in there yourself.

Still, that price hurts. Even a licensed toy like Nerf’s Fortnite-themed AR-L Elite, a semi-automatic 20-round dart blaster, only costs $50. And if you don’t need to roleplay, Nerf has a similar hopper-fed, full-auto blaster, the $100 Nerf Nemesis, that holds 100 rounds at a time.