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Amazon expands in-store Counter pickup service to the US, starting with Rite Aid

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Send your packages to Rite Aid, and pick them up when you shop

Amazon is making it easier than ever to get your packages with the launch of its in-store Counter pickup service in the US in over 100 Rite Aid stores.

Counter functions similarly to Amazon’s existing Locker service: it allows customers to select the store where they want their packages shipped, but instead of being kept in a locker, the packages will be sent to their local store where customers can pick them up from a Rite Aid staffer. When the package arrives at the store, customers will be emailed a bar code, which they’ll scan in store to get their package.

You can only pick up packages from a Rite Aid, and Counter isn’t part of the in-store return program that Amazon is starting with Kohl’s in July.

Right now, Amazon is rolling out Counter to over 100 Rite Aid stores, and it intends to reach 1,500 Rite Aids by the end of the year. The company says that it’s also “actively looking to bring additional partners onboard,” too.

Amazon previously launched Counter in the UK with NEXT stores and in Italy with Giunti Al Punto Librerie, FermoPoint, and SisalPay locations, and the success of the program overseas led the company to expand it to the US.