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New trailers: Hobbs & Shaw, Charlie’s Angels, and more

New trailers: Hobbs & Shaw, Charlie’s Angels, and more

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Photo: Universal Pictures

I watched (most of) the new Bob Dylan documentary that Martin Scorsese made for Netflix the other week. It has some really relaxed and quirky behind-the-scenes footage of Dylan and the (often famous) people around him, along with some great performances.

But there’s one thing about the documentary that is completely bizarre: portions of it are fake. Scorsese introduces viewers to a handful of talking heads who say they played a key role in documenting or creating the tour Dylan is embarking on, but in reality, they’re just actors.

It’s not really clear why Scorsese did this (maybe it would be clearer if I had finished the film, but reviewers seem to say otherwise). It’s sort of just a prank, one you could seemingly go without finding out about. I love the idea of it — there has to be some kind of documentary-esque story that could use this technique to make a compelling larger point. But here? I’m still not sure what it accomplished other than getting us talking.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.

Hobbs & Shaw

All the trailers for Hobbs & Shaw have felt like the kind of trailer you make when you’re extremely confident you’ve got a blast of a movie on your hands. This final trailer spends almost half of its time on a tense, cleanly shot action sequence that seems to be exactly what Fast & Furious fans are looking for out of this spinoff. It comes out August 2nd. 

Charlie’s Angels

Elizabeth Banks is rebooting Charlie’s Angels with a film that she wrote, directed, and even acts in. Coming from Banks, it’s no surprise to find the reboot putting a lot more comedy into the mix with all the spy stuff. The film comes out in November.

Queen & Slim

Lena Waithe is the writer behind this gorgeous, somber-looking film about a black couple who go on the run after an aggressive police encounter ends with one of them shooting and killing a cop in defense. The film is directed by Melina Matsoukas, who made Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, and it looks like a very different take on the aftermath story of a police shooting. It comes out November 27th.

The Current War

This film has been shuffled around for a couple years now after the end of The Weinstein Company disrupted the initial release plans for it. Reviews haven’t been great, which probably speaks to the lack of urgency to get the movie into theaters, but I feel like with this many stars and a general cultural awareness in the whole Tesla vs. Edison thing, there ought to be some interest. The movie finally comes out in October.

Free Meek

Amazon has a documentary series coming up about rapper Meek Mill’s struggle to escape the criminal justice system and the movement that emerged because of and in support of him. Jay-Z both appears and is an executive producer of the series. It comes out August 9th.

The Good Liar

I’ll admit, I thought this one was going to be boring because it starts out with a romance between two people with very white hair, but it quickly turns into a tense thriller about a con man trying to pull one over on a particularly wealthy woman. It comes out November 15th.


The next big blockbuster from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich is a very CGI-heavy film about Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. I’m not really sure how much appetite there is for another kind of generic, explosion-heavy World War II film, but then again, I guess that’s basically the reason Emmerich has a career. The film comes out November 8th.