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Watch Apple’s Mac Pro video featuring Jony Ive that wasn’t shown at WWDC

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As you’d guess, he says there are no compromises

I was a little surprised when Apple unveiled its redesigned Mac Pro earlier today without a flashy introduction video featuring the familiar voice of chief design officer Jony Ive. However, the company did produce one. It just wasn’t part of the keynote for some reason — presumably, it was either cut for time or because Apple thought hardware engineering VP John Ternus could handle the product reveal just fine on his own.

But if you want to hear Ive go on at length about the new $5,999 Mac “designed and engineered to enable a wide range of uses and virtually unlimited possibilities for customization,” well, here you go. “Our preoccupation with utility and function defines the design of Mac Pro,” Ive says in the clip.

The video is 60 fps, goes over the hardware ins and outs for both the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, and shows both devices from basically every angle. And, of course, Ive says “aluminum” in it and even takes the time to mention the Mac Pro’s optional wheels. Dan Riccio, senior VP of hardware engineering, shares voiceover duties with Ive in the 5-minute design video. I’m just not really sure what Apple was going for with the aspect ratio here. Maybe you’re supposed to watch it on three XDR displays linked together?