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Ikea is making custom accessories for gamers

Ikea is making custom accessories for gamers

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Ikea is partnering with prosthetics company Unyq and e-sports company Area Academy to create a line of accessories for gamers. Called Uppkoppla, which means “online,” the 3D-printed line is meant to provide custom-made fits for gamers, including those with mobility issues. The first products include a wrist brace, textured key caps for better grip, and a mouse bungee, which keeps cords out of the way while you play.

The Uppkoppla line is created from a technique developed by Unyq, which uses body scans to create 3D-printed products with personal fits. The first prototypes and an app to measure biometrics were revealed at Democratic Design Days, Ikea’s annual product conference.

“Gamers spend a large portion of their time online, sitting for hours on end, which can lead to massive physical strain on the body,” Unyq explained on its Instagram. The intent is that custom-fitted gaming accessories will be more ergonomic and ease strain. Eventually, the three companies hope to apply the learnings from this collaboration to create more accessible products for gamers with physical disabilities.

Ikea’s only released previews of the key caps, mouse bungee, and wrist band for now, but says its prototypes have included home products like desk supports, chairs, and tables as well. The Uppkoppla line will launch in 2020.