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Ad Astra’s debut trailer shows Brad Pitt setting off on a space odyssey

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Directed by The Lost City of Z’s James Gray

Ad Astra, a new sci-fi movie starring Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, has received its first trailer and a revised US release date of September 20th. The film’s UK release will come two days earlier on September 18th. The September release is the third revision for Ad Astra, which failed to make both its January and May targets.

The film follows Pitt as he attempts to find his father who went missing while on a mission to discover alien life. In the intervening years, Earth has started suffering from something called “the surge,” which may or may not have something to do with Pitt’s father’s experiments with a “highly classified material” that has the power to destroy the solar system.

James Gray, the director of Ad Astra, previously worked with Pitt on The Lost City of Z. Pitt was initially meant to star in the film, but ended up serving as executive producer after withdrawing from the role due to scheduling conflicts.