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Epix is now available as a channel on Amazon Prime

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$5.99 a month

Photo: Epix

Premium cable network Epix announced that it is now available on Amazon Prime as a video channel, six months after it launched as such on Roku. Prime subscribers can add on the network as a channel for $5.99 a month.

The feature is much like what subscribers can do with other premium networks like HBO, Showtime, and Starz on Amazon Prime, and it allows subscribers to keep their bills all in one place. Expanding the availability over to Amazon makes sense: Epix has been developing a string of original shows, including Batman prequel Pennyworth and an adaptation of podcast Slow Burn, both of which will launch later this year. Another platform means more potential subscribers to sign up for those shows.

Epix recently launched its own streaming service called Epix Now (which also goes for $5.99 a month and includes a decent lineup of original content and films), and it recently launched on Roku and for the Amazon Fire TV.