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Hulu will begin streaming the first three seasons of Veronica Mars on July 1st

Hulu will begin streaming the first three seasons of Veronica Mars on July 1st


Ahead of its upcoming 4th season

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Image: Warner Bros.

Cult classic TV series Veronica Mars is returning next month with a new, long-awaited fourth season on Hulu, but before it does, fans will be able to catch up on the entire show. Hulu revealed today that the show’s three seasons will be available starting on July 1st.

The show follows Veronica Mars, a high school student played by Kristen Bell, who moonlights as a private detective, while also navigating the problems that arise with your regular high school existence. The series ran on UPN and the CW between 2004 and 2007, and was later made into a feature film in 2014.

Hulu also released a trailer that summarizes the first three seasons if you want to jog your memory now.

Last year, Hulu announced that it was bringing the TV show back for a new, eight-episode season, and that it would bring the entire series — including the crowdfunded movie — to the streaming service at some point. The new series will begin streaming on July 26th, and will take place years after the series, in which Veronica finds herself back at hometown of Neptune California, which is experiencing a crime wave and a series of bombings. Creator Rob Thomas noted that Veronica is at a “crossroads” in her life by the time that the series picks up.

The entire series being made available on Hulu means that July will be a good month to binge the show to get reacquainted with Veronica and her adventures, or to meet them for the first time if you missed it when it was first released.

Update June 8th, 2019: 5:15PM ET: Updated to include trailer.