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Watch the first real trailer for Battletoads’ Xbox revival

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After years of teasing

After years of teasing, including an announcement last year, we finally have a look at the revamped Battletoads game coming to Xbox One.

Microsoft brought a trailer for Battletoads to this year’s E3 press conference, which you can check out above. The original game, developed by Rare and released in 1991, was a beloved cult fave, but the franchise basically remain untouched for more than two decades. When Microsoft acquired Rare and several of its properties in 2003, longtime fans of the franchise hoped that Battletoads could see new life. The new Battletoads brings with it a couple of modern features, including will three-player couch co-op and hand-drawn graphics.

We still don’t have an exact release date, but the new trailer should give fans of the original something to look forward to.