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RHA’s Wireless Flight Adapter makes any headphone jack wireless

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Bringing Bluetooth 5 to your in-flight entertainment

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Photo: RHA

Scottish earphones specialist RHA is releasing a new accessory today, which should prove handy for users of wireless headphones from any brand. Called the Wireless Flight Adapter, its main purpose is to make the connection between an airplane’s in-flight entertainment system and your wireless headphones. It lasts for up to 16 hours on a charge, according to RHA, which should cover you for the majority of even the longest flights. But there’s also nothing stopping you from using this chunky dongle to add a Bluetooth audio connection to gadgets that don’t have it, such as the Nintendo Switch or some hipster vintage iPod.

A wireless flight adapter is one of those gadgets that I never think I need until I find out it exists and I realize that, yes, it would be nice to be able to finally use my pricey noise-canceling headphones to consume the in-flight movie selection. RHA’s dongle is, of course, not alone, and there are a few others already out there, but the company’s strong track record with audio gear gives me more faith that it would have got all the details correct. It’s nice, for instance, that you can pair multiple pairs of headphones to RHA’s Adapter, and the company supports that market-leading 16-hour battery life with USB-C charging, which most other alternatives seem to lack. Bluetooth 5 and AptX support plus a range of more than 10 meters / 33 feet complete the RHA spec sheet with useful checkbox features.

The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter goes on sale today for a price of $49.95 / €49.95 / £39.95.

Photo: RHA
Photos: RHA