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Microsoft pulls Windows 10 May update from some Surface Book 2 devices over GPU issues

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The update may cause the computer to fail to recognize its discrete Nvidia GPU

Surfacebook 2
Surfacebook 2
Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Microsoft is putting a compatibility hold on its Windows 10 May 2019 update for some of its Surface Book 2 laptops due to an issue where the discrete Nvidia GPU can vanish from the device manager on the OS, which in turn can cause apps or games that rely on that GPU to have issues, via ZDNet.

The problem affects a small subset of Surface Book 2 devices — only high-end models with discrete Nvidia GPUs — but it is all the more notable for occurring on Microsoft’s own in-house hardware. Until the company can resolve the issue, though, Surface Book 2 owners with Nvidia hardware won’t be able to download the May 2019 update.

It’s not the first issue that Microsoft has had with the May 2019 update, either: as ZDNet points out, the company had to issue a similar hold for devices with USB storage device or SD card attached due to “inappropriate drive reassignment during installation.” Fortunately, the fix in that case was simpler: just unplug your external storage while installing.