Off-topic / chit-chat


90SOTVF - Wednesday, July 17th



90 Seconds on The Verge Forums checking back in with my old friends from 2012.

I've been doing a lot of gardening lately, nature is fun!

Everything is going well in life - I love checking in once in a while.

I bought a new Kindle, books are fun. What are you reading?

What new video games am I playing? Well, nothing really but I made an awesome Mario Maker stage (in my dreams). Share your levels in the comments below.

Did you know Eric came all the way to Ireland for my wedding a few years ago, and if you ask I might share a really nice photo of us. WHOOPS!

Does that guy who keeps trolling Apple posts still come by? I miss banning all 500+ accounts he made in the 5 year period I was here.

That's me, see you again sometime Eric, AJ and friends. I think that was 90 seconds?