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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 leak all but confirms the stylus will stick out

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 leak all but confirms the stylus will stick out


How well will it stay?

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The Galaxy Note 10 smartphone may not be the only device Samsung reveals at its August 7th event in New York City — it’ll be joined by a full-size Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 slate with its very own S-Pen stylus, according to Android Headlines.

We’d previously seen real-world images of that tablet leak out last week, but AH is now contributing a heck of a lot more grist to the rumor mill, including that August 7th date and a wide array of what appear to be official press renders for the device. They more clearly show the tablet’s dual cameras, quad speakers, and lack of a headphone jack, as well as our first glimpse at the tablet’s stylus, optional keyboard cover, and Microsoft Surface-esque kickstand.

Perhaps most importantly, they give us corroboration of the unusual place Samsung expects you to stick that pen: right on the back of the slate. A magnetically-attached stylus would presumably make the tablet awkward to set down on a table, and it could also just make holding the table in portrait feel weird.

We’ll have to wait to actually do both with a real unit to see if Samsung really did think through those ergonomics, and we’ll want to compare with the iPad Pro — which also uses a magnetically attached stylus (sold separately) but lets you set it flat on a table. It’s possible that Samsung’s solution might hold the stylus more securely than Apple’s.

Android Headlines doesn’t confirm whether that stylus has Bluetooth and charges wirelessly, though both of those things are likely. It also didn’t confirm other rumored specs like a reported 10.5-inch screen, Snapdragon 855 processor, and in-display fingerprint reader. But as you can see, it’ll likely come in several colors, and it sounds like we won’t have to wait long for more details.