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These white Converse sneakers change colors when you step into the sun

These white Converse sneakers change colors when you step into the sun

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Multi-dimensional colors are in again: you see it in smartphones that glisten into different colors as you change angles, game consoles are available in all kinds of color, and now we have shoes that change color when you step outside. The new Converse collection, in collaboration with Chinatown Market, is like a mood ring for your feet: they look like regular white sneakers but change colors when exposed to UV light.

Depending on how much UV light the shoe receives, the intensity also changes from pastel shades to vivid colors. The transformation happens pretty quickly, as demonstrated by Chinatown Market in an Instagram teaser.

The shoe is divided into four color quadrants, giving it a rainbow look when they receive enough light to glow in full color. The soles on the underside give a preview of the colors the white Converse might turn into when they’re brightened up.

Chinatown Market will begin selling these limited edition Converse starting July 20th in both low top and high top versions, at $95 and $100 a pair respectively. Even if you don’t end up buying these shoes, maybe they can be a nice reminder that going outside once in a while can be fun!