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A 911 outage hit AT&T customers around the United States

A 911 outage hit AT&T customers around the United States


The company says it’s been resolved

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Illustration of the AT&T logo on a dark blue background.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

A 911 outage prevented AT&T customers from calling emergency services for hours this morning, officials in multiple states said.

Several local law enforcement agencies and fire departments said this morning on social media that callers had been unable to reach emergency services after dialing 911. Officials in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and several other states reported issues.

“AT&T cellular is experiencing a 911 issue,” an emergency services Twitter account in Indiana said in a tweet from first responders. Officials directed callers to dial emergency services from a direct line during the outage.

Customers using carriers other than AT&T did not appear to be affected. While 911 outages aren’t unheard of, this morning’s seems particularly widespread, hitting customers around the United States. 

The company says it’s since fixed the problem. “Earlier this morning some wireless customers may have been unable to connect to 911,” an AT&T spokesperson said in a statement. “This has been resolved and we apologize to anyone who was affected.”