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New trailers: It Chapter 2, The King’s Man, Top Gun: Maverick, and more

New trailers: It Chapter 2, The King’s Man, Top Gun: Maverick, and more

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Photo: 20th Century Fox

Comic-Con is here, and that means a surge of new trailers for big, buzzy films. This year, some of the larger studios are sitting out or maintaining a lower presence than usual. That means we’re not going to get a blockbuster Marvel or DC trailer, but there are still plenty of huge names popping up along with some questionably necessary franchise revivals.

I’ve collected everything that arrived through Friday afternoon in today’s trailer roundup, but stay tuned to the site, because some major names are likely to drop over Saturday and Sunday as well.

Check out 11 new trailers from this week below.

It Chapter 2

It Chapter 2 is coming out two years to the day after the original, with all the big stars returning for what looks like another very stylish yet extremely scary film. It enters theaters September 6th.

Top Gun: Maverick

Look, I’ve never seen Top Gun, so I don’t really know what to make of this first trailer for the three-decade-late revival. But here it is, at long last: Tom Cruise in a fighter jet again. It doesn’t come out until next summer.

His Dark Materials

HBO and the BBC have teamed up for a blockbuster adaptation of the fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials, which is set in a world where everyone has a shapeshifting animal companion that represents their soul. There’s also a bunch of plotting and dark machinations going on. The series was poorly adapted for film more than a decade ago as The Golden Compass, but it looks like this adaptation is giving it a much better try. The show starts sometime this fall.

The King’s Man

I’ve been surprised by how fun the first two Kingsman movies have been. Now there’s a teaser out for the prequel, but so far, it’s playing up the myth of the series more than the ludicrous humor that makes it all worth watching. The film comes out February 14.

Ad Astra

James Gray, director of The Immigrant, has moved on to a seemingly quiet and personal space epic that has Brad Pitt playing an astronaut who’s searching for his missing father through a still relatively empty Solar System. It comes out September 20th.

Paradise Hills

Emma Roberts stars in this visually stunning film about a dystopian paradise where women are brought to be trained in classical manners as they prepare to enter some seemingly futuristic high society. Naturally, it’s all very evil too. The film comes out November 1st.

Super Size Me 2

15 years after his breakout hit, Morgan Spurlock is approaching Super Size Me from a different angle: what goes into making fast food in the first place? It looks like it’ll be horrifying in a whole new way. The documentary comes out September 13th.

Don’t Let Go

David Oyelowo stars in this clever and tense looking thriller with a time-hopping twist: after his character’s niece is murdered, he’s somehow able to connect with a version of her two weeks in the past. With that connection, he tries to figure out who’s responsible, while she tries to save the life of herself and her parents. It comes out August 30th.

The Red Sea Diving Resort

Netflix keeps spending a lot of money on thrillers from big stars that don’t necessarily seem like they’re designed for a big audience. This one, at least, seems more interesting, as it’s based around a real story about a mission that saved Ethiopian refugees from genocide. (Also: kudos to the editor who got the terrible pun “It was a last resort” into this trailer as an interstitial.) The film comes out July 31st.

On Becoming a God In Central Florida

This series looks very weird, and I’m all for it. Kirsten Dunst stars as a woman whose down-and-out family fell prey to a get-rich-quick scam, then goes after the system in revenge. It starts August 25th.