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Doom Patrol gets new season, and will stream simultaneously on HBO Max and DC Universe

Doom Patrol gets new season, and will stream simultaneously on HBO Max and DC Universe


The streaming service also announced a new season for Young Justice and release date for Titans season 2

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Image: DC Universe

At San Diego Comic-Con last night, DC Universe made a slew of programming announcements for its slate of original content, including that it was renewing its live-action TV series Doom Patrol in a partnership with WarnerMedia’s forthcoming streaming service HBO Max.

WarnerMedia largely skipped San Diego Comic-Con this year, opting not to bring news or previews for some of its big projects, like Wonder Woman 1984 or Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune. Instead, DC Universe revealed that Doom Patrol’s second season will debut simultaneously on DC Universe and HBO Max sometime next year, and that HBO Max will carry the show’s first season when the platform launches next spring.

WarnerMedia announced the platform earlier this month, which would serve as a streaming service for its entire content library to complete with the likes of Netflix and Disney+, which will include some of its own, original content, like a companion TV series to Villeneuve’s Dune.

Up until this point, DC Universe has been a one-stop-shop for all things DC

Up until this point, DC Universe has been branded as the one-stop-shop for all things DC, including existing TV shows, films, comics, and its original content. WarnerMedia’s announcement raised some questions about how its main streaming platform would handle its offshoot streaming channels, like HBO Go and DC Universe. It looks as though some of DC’s original content will be less exclusive moving forward, giving viewers an opportunity to see it on either platform.

That could be a long-term problem for the platform, given that its original programming served as a good way to get people to subscribe to the service. If DC Universe’s entire catalog is widely available on HBO Max, there’s less incentive to sign up for it. This doesn’t seem to be the case yet, as DC Universe hasn’t said if its other shows will be available there.

Doom Patrol’s renewal is second of the platform’s live-action shows to get a new season. Last fall, it announced that it had renewed its live-action take on Teen Titans, Titans, for a second season (the company announced that it would return on September 6th), but last month, it canceled its other live-action offering, Swamp Thing, although that decision might have less to do with streaming strategy and more to do with issues over state tax credits in North Carolina, where the show was filmed. Another live-action show, Stargirl, will debut sometime in 2020.

In addition to Doom Patrol’s renewal, DC announced that it was renewing its animated series Young Justice for a fourth season, and debuted a new trailer for its upcoming animated series Harley Quinn.