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Starbucks to expand its delivery program across the US through Uber Eats

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starbucks (flickr)

Starbucks is aiming to expand its delivery service nationwide by early 2020 by partnering exclusively with Uber Eats. The two companies first piloted the Starbucks Delivers program last fall in Miami, and have since expanded to 11 markets in the US. According to a press release, Starbucks and Uber Eats will also collaborate on “innovation and technology integration,” though it’s unclear exactly what that entails.

Previously, Uber Eats charged a $2.49 booking fee for Starbucks delivery orders (it has since eliminated this surcharge, but regular service fees and charges for orders under $10 still apply). The delivery service handles all the logistics of placing your order, picking it up, and bringing it to your door. But because orders must be made through the Uber Eats app, Starbucks customers can’t yet earn reward points. If they want reward points, they’ll have to order through Starbucks’ own app for pickup. The focus on integration might soon mean that the two can be linked to one another.

Prior to the Uber Eats partnership, Starbucks had worked with Postmates to deliver food and drinks in a pilot program back in 2015. The collaboration never made it out of the launch market in Seattle.