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Awesome bomb defusal game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes comes to phones next week

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes mobile screenshot

The bomb defusal game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes — one of the coolest games first developed for virtual reality — is launching for iOS and Android phones and tablets on August 1st for $9.99. As on other platforms, Keep Talking is a cooperative party game where one person tries to disarm a procedurally generated bomb covered in mysterious wires and buttons, and the other players talk them through the process using a digital or printed manual.

Developer Steel Crate Games announced in March that Keep Talking would come to phones and tablets, albeit without a launch date. You can already find the game on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch, as well as every major VR headset. (It initially launched on the Samsung Gear VR in 2015.) The mobile version promises the same basic gameplay and features but with a mobile interface, and the developers also tout the fact that you can take it anywhere and keep the bomb screen hidden easily.

In general, Keep Talking is a bit like the cooperative technobabble game Spaceteam. Although there’s still a lot of shouting, there’s also a lot of methodically figuring out what’s actually on the bomb, and mobile devices (alongside the Switch) are an obvious home for it.