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NBCUniversal plans April 2020 launch for streaming service

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It will eventually be the new streaming home for The Office

General Electric And Vivendi Come To Tentative Agreement On NBC’s Value Michael Nagle/Getty Images

Comcast plans to launch its NBCUniversal streaming service in April next year, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke said on today’s earnings call. We previously knew the streaming service would launch next year, but the company had yet to announce anything more exact. As well as announcing a launch month, parent company Comcast also revealed that the upcoming streaming service will be built on a similar platform to Sky’s UK-based Now TV streaming service.

Comcast didn’t announce too many specifics about the kinds of content we can expect from the streaming service, but we know that it will play host to The Office after NBC’s existing deal with Netflix expires at the end of 2020. However, Comcast admitted that the “vast majority” of content viewed on the platform is initially likely to be acquired from outside the company. The platform is also likely to host content from Sky Studios, which Comcast purchased last year as part of its acquisition of Sky.

When it launches, NBCUniversal’s streaming service will face stiff competition in an increasingly crowded streaming market. Along with existing players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Comcast will have to compete with numerous new entrants, including AT&T’s HBO Max, Disney+, and Apple TV Plus.